Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marshmallow Ghost Lollipops

Saw these ghost peeps at Walmart and thought it would be cute and fun to make lollipops out of them.  They turned out really cute!  I wrapped them in cellophane bags and tied them up with ribbon and added a tag.  It was hard to stand them up to take a pic, so this is the best pic I got of them.
 Here's a closer look at the ghosts...aren't they adorable??!!
 This batch sported a different tag.  Love this mummy image from SU.
 Here's what the peeps looked like before I took them apart.  I used these lollipop sticks.
Finally, I wanted to have some fun with my fingernails.  I've been going to Stephanie's Nails in Kailua for the past couple of months and really love the way Sam does my nails.  Don't look too close, because they are kind of growing out right now.  I know that everyone is now looking closer at my nails since I mentioned it...oops!  I've been using the wonderful gel polish that last at least 3 weeks without chipping (can you believe that?!)  Anyway, I told Sam that I wanted to do my own nail art this month, so he put on clear gel polish so that I could paint over the clear.  Fussing around with making a Frankenstein nail.  Kind of looks like a guy having a bad hair day, haha!!  Thought I'd just do the rest of the nails in black.
 Here's the right hand.  Wanted to do a spider web.  Great tutorials on YouTube...
Thank you for spending a part of your busy day with me!  I have more posts, can you believe that??


  1. Clever idea on those ghost marhmallows..

  2. I love your idea with the ghost marshmallows!! Perfect for my co-workers.
    And fun stuff with your nails!

  3. Cute idea with the marshmallows - never saw those before. Glad to see you are still blogging.

  4. Yummy! Thanks for all the goodies!!! So cute! Your nails were really nice today. So glad we had lunch today.

  5. How cute! Both the ghosts & your nails!

  6. Those ghosts peeps are so darn cute. I wonder if they'll have snowman peeps, too. Your nails were awesome.


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