Thursday, September 6, 2012

Matchbook card and photos of Mochiko

Well, seems like I'm on a roll here.  Finally got some projects going slowly, mostly out of desperate need of a card - lol!  I made this matchbook card for Nolan's driving instructor.  She did a great job in teaching Nolan the rules of the road.  The stamps that I used came from this set called Moving Forward.  It happens to be this year's stamp set to help the Ronald McDonald House.  Every year, I buy this set to help out the RMH because proceeds from this set gets donated to them.  It's always a cute set!
I didn't know what kind of card I was making when I started off.  When you don't craft for a while, you kind of lose the creativity, at least for me, that's how it is.  I wanted to include a SB giftcard in the card.  Here is what the inside looked like.  I made Nolan write something to her.
 Here's a close up of the front.  I love these frogs!
 The other night, we were testing out all of my zoom lens.  Amazingly, the lens all fit and Nolan was having some fun zooming in on you know what he captured.  Miss Queen at her best, haha!

 Do you think she was sticking tongue at him?  Actually, this frame caught her ås she just finished a yawn.  Funny!
 Thanks for sharing a part of your day with me by looking at my post.  There's a new promotion going on at SU and I'm sure by now you've already seen it, but I'll still post it, maybe tomorrow?  We'll see if I have the time to post it.


  1. Great pictures, Teri, and it's always fun to see the Queen. What a cutie pie. Hope you caught up on your sleep. You are super woman.

  2. What fun pictures of Mochiko. The card that you made for Nolan's driving teacher turned out really cute. I am sure that his teacher will be touched by your thoughtfulness in making her the card, by your giftcard, and by Nolan's message to her. Have a wonderful weekend Teri!


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