Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberry Nails and Easter Treats!

Here are my strawberry nails  that I promised I would post.  I was actually trying to do something along the lines of Minnie Mouse nails but the dots were too small and I didn't want to fuss making the dots larger for fear that I'd ruin my nails and have to start all over again.  That's when the idea of turning them into strawberries popped into my head.
I bought some green nail art polish and added it to the tips of my nails.  It turned out kind of cute. 
Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday already?  I found this super cute idea to make these carrots on Jessica Witty's blog called Witticisms.  She is a DT member for Papertrey Inc.  Check out her post here .  Here's my take on her carrot project.  What I did different - I used the cellophane cone bags (I bought from Ben Franklin).  I filled it with m&m's and then wrapped the orange crepe paper around it.  I had a hard time making the first carrot - the crepe paper didn't stay on nicely so I put a piece of scotch tape on the end and stuck it to the top of the carrot, then firmly winded the crepe paper down to the point.  I put a couple dots of elmer's glue to hold the end down.  Then I cut two strips of green crepe paper and folded it in half and tied it to the top of the carrot using green baker's twine.  I added a cute tag on it and that's it!
The adorable bunny stamp is by Sister Stamps.   I just had to have this cute bunny, whose name is "Daba" this cute story about Daba here...I was actually planning to use the cute bunny (from Papertrey, Inc.) that Jessica used on her tag, but I didn't order the correct die to cut out the bunny egg *sigh*, guess I'll have to order the egg die and plan on using it next year!
I made a total of 17 of these carrots.  I was satisfied with how they turned out.
I'm still trying to find my groove.  It's slowly coming back, but not fast enough - LOL!  Tomorrow is Good Friday and I have a day off.  The daycare is closed tomorrow too, so Nolan and I plan to take Grandpa on an excursion of our own.  We're thinking of stopping by Home Depot and then maybe Ala Moana Shopping Center.  We've been working on giving Nolan's room a good clean up.  We are planning on tearing out the carpet in his room and laying some kind of tile.  He's been sick so often that I have to figure out how to make him feel better.  Last night, Tobie and I wiped down all of the walls, wiped up the blinds and vacuumed the carpet over and over.  We also wiped tons of dust off the ledges of the door and closet too, no wonder the child is sick!  My good friend gave us an air purifier and also a portable air conditioner (thanks Uncle Mike!) hopefully this will be a start to getting Nolan feeling better.  We are planning to paint the walls and also rearrange his room to give it a new look and a new bed to boot!  Anyone have a tempur pedic bed?  OMG, we went to check it out - it is the best bed.  The price will shock you.  I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has one or knows anything about it.
Okay, I've blabbed enough.  Thanks for stopping by today!  I'll be sharing a few more projects that I made and some Hello Kitty nails.  I've got to stop this nail art kick - taking too much time! LOL!  Happy Easter to you!  Hope the Easter Bunny stops by your house to give you some treats!


  1. Awww- so cute! I'm glad you didn't have the die and ended up using SS Daba! :) Such a cute job on the carrots too!

  2. Cute nails and cute carrot project...
    Happy Good Friday Teri!

  3. Cute nails! Love the daba creations!

  4. Hi Teri! Found you from Sister Stamps FB page. Cute nails and the carrot project is so sweet! Glad you couldn't find that die. lol.
    Hope Nolan feels better. Good seeing you again!
    Happy Good Friday!

  5. Happy Easter!! Girl, even as busy as you are, you make great stuff! What cute carrots! And your nails are good enuf to eat!!
    Hope your home improvements will help Nolan get better. Take care!!

  6. Your strawberry nails look so fun!


  7. Your strawberry snails look very cool. I think they can pass as Minnie Mouse nails too. Kylie would love to have Minnie Mouse nails. :)

    What cute carrots. I am a bit behind with making my Easter treats since we went on our mini vacation. Since we've gotten back I have too tired. LOL!

    I hope that the 3 of you had a wonderful time together yesterday.

    I am sorry to hear that Nolan has been sick so often. I heard that it's better for people that have asthma to not have carpetting in their bedrooms.

  8. Loved your strawberry nails and super cute carrot treats. You are ambidextrous. Nolan will love his new room and I know it will help improve his health. You are a great Mom and daughter. Have a great and fun Easter, Teri.

  9. Ooh love those strawberry nails! So creative and great Easter treats! Have a Happy Easter!

  10. Love the strawberry nails and the crêpe paper carrots. Wish I'd seen the carrots before Easter!

  11. Sweet!
    Love the nails & Treats!


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