Monday, November 21, 2011

More Holiday Extravaganza projects!

Here are more of the projects from the class.  One of my favorite cards.  I love the sentiments in the fancy script.  This set is called Hand Penned Holidays.  I'll share a "duh" moment with you on this one.  I was so excited to order this set when the demonstrators could preorder the sets and I entered the wrong item number and guess what I got?  I got this set in French...I didn't even realize it until I was putting the set together and couldn't read the words - gee, no light went on til then!  LOL!
Here's the inside:
Here is a card made using the new embossing folder and the cardstock stickers from the Simply Scrapping scrapbook set.  We made three different cards using the stickers.  I don't know why I couldn't find the photos of the other two...I'll post those in a day or so.
Here's the inside:
We made 8 of these gift enclosures with envelopes.
Are you all ready for Thanksgiving??  I guess whether you are ready or not, it will be here in just a couple of days!  Then the shopping begins!  This year, I am cutting down on my shopping and exchanging of gifts.  Got Nolan his gift already, something he wanted badly - a drum machine.  He does alot of music mixing and he's pretty good at it.  Thank goodness I only have one child - it gets expensive!
I won't be shopping this Black Friday because I will be at work.  It will be a nice, quiet day and I'm planning on decorating the office!  Got some new decorations from Pier One over the weekend and am anxious to put them up!  I'll take a pic of it when it's all done.
Thanks for stopping by today!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Extravaganza Projects

My apologies for a very late and over due post on the projects from the Holiday extravaganza class.  Can you believe that the class was in October?  The class was a huge success, mostly because I had the help from my partner in crime (wini) - thank you sooooooo much!  We ended up cutting 35 kits.  OMG, that was alot of cutting and prepping!  I now know that I'm really not ready to do classes on a regular basis just yet.  Dad is finally recovering from his pneumonia and is getting back to "normal", well somewhat normal.  I tell you, I learn something new every day that I take care of him.  I didn't know that illnesses (mostly infections) cause the elderly to become disoriented and confused.  It was so frustrating and difficult for me to take care of Dad because I was not aware of what was going on.  It got to the point (before I knew) that I was thought it was time to put him into a care home because I had the helpless feeling that I could no longer take care of him.  Thank goodness that I was informed at one of our ER visits about what was going on with Dad and why he was acting the way he was.  I love life lessons, it makes me stronger every time I go through these tough situations.
Anyway, sorry to drag on and on about other stuff other than the projects.  Today, I will share a couple of the projects.  I'll be creating posts for the coming week of all of the projects so please come back to check them out!  This is my favorite card from the class. We made 6 of these cards.
Here's the inside...
Love the tag!  We made 6 of each color (total of 12 tags)
The gift card holders using the petite pocket XL Sizzix die...We made 6 of each color (total of 12)
Here's the back of the GCH
If you are interested in the list of all of the supplies we used for this class, send me an email and I will gladly share the complete list with you!
If you ordered a kit to go from me, they are finally ready!  I am mailing the 2 kits to California this weekend.  Thank you to all of the other ladies who came by my office to pick up your kits.  That saved time and money for both of us! My apologies for taking so long to finish them up and get them to you.  Part of the reason for the delay is that I injured my arm - my tennis elbow came back - boo hoo!  I think it's from me using my arm to help dad out of his chair all the time.  This injury has taught me to become more aware of what I'm doing and I've made some changes on how I help him out of his chair now.  I've been going to get shiatsu done on my arm as well as having it taped with the Kinesio tape.  I'll post a pic of my poor arm all taped up so you can see how wierd it makes my arm look :0
Well, thanks for giving my blog a peek today.  Thank you all so much for your love and support and for sticking around to see my projects.  More in a day or two!