Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photos to Share

I don't have a crafty post today, but thought I'd share photos instead.  Every morning after I park my car at the Dept of Health, I have a pretty nice walk to work.  My GF and I walk through the State Capitol and then through Iolani Palace before we get to my building.  I just had to take this photo using my phone one morning.  The sun was not quite up as you see the pinky colored sky and there was a light drizzle, just enough to make this beautiful rainbow right over the buildings of downtown Honolulu.  Love it!
Here's something else that I saw that was different.  Walking through Iolani Palace, I've been seeing these mushrooms, or toadstools on the grass.  I remember while growing up, there used to be a lot of these around.  I was told that they were poison, so not to touch them.  I got a pretty nice shot of these toadstools - I know, kind of a wierd thing to share...
Finally, couldn't not share a cute pic of the princess Mochiko.  She loves the SU boxes.  Perfect for clawing and sharpening her claws.  These boxes were the supplies for the Holiday Extravaganza class and she was up high on her tower.  She stole this basket that I actually bought for my craft supplies, but that's okay, I have more.
That's it for today!  Come back tomorrow for a crafty post!  Thanks for your visit today


  1. Love that rainbow, those mushrooms looks unique and that spoiled cat looks like he is guarding those goodies in that boxes (he,he)

  2. Great photos, Teri. I wonder why those mushrooms are called toadstools. They look nothing like toads. Maybe they are stools toads can sit on. Oh and look at that sweet Mochiko sitting on her throne, waiting to be served.

  3. Beautiful rainbow over downtown Honolulu. Michiko is a cutie. Thanks for sharing.

    June K.

  4. What a fun walk you have from where you park. I wish I had a walk like that everyday. :) The picture of the rainbow is so pretty. I was also always told that the toadstoals that grow on the grass are poisonous. I however like you think they are interesting to look at. I always enjoy looking at pictures of your princess. She is such a smart princess to like stamps just like the rest of us princesses. Thanks for taking time to share the pictures. :)


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