Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Prints on Canvas!

Wow, it's been a while since I've been online and on the blog.  Dad was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and although he was released, is slowly recovering.  It's so hard when he is already struggling to get by on a daily basis let alone, deal with additional health issues.  Needless to say, I've had even less sleep lately and it's taking a toll on me.  We have hired a caregiver for the evening so I can get some rest, but we are experiencing some issues with scheduling at the moment.  I cannot wait until we have it all worked out so I can return to a somewhat normal schedule.
Today, I want to share with you a really cool thing that I had the opportunity to try out.  I had one of my favorite photos of my Mom and Dad put on canvas, and I'm loving it so much!  This photo really portrays the life of Mom and Dad, happiest in the garden. 
While my photo of the canvas doesn't do huge justice, you gotta believe me that it is even more beautiful in real life.  Easy Canvas Prints will turn your photos to canvas.  Check out how to get your canvas HERE!
My canvas was 11X14 in size.  I wished I had gotten a larger canvas done.  Something to consider for my next order.  Here is my canvas on the wall in my living room...
Check out Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook too!  If you "like" them on facebook, you will automatically receive 50% off of your next order.  Free shipping might apply, depending on where you live (unfortunately not to Hawaii). 
I'm hoping that I will have more time today to pre-post on my blog as I have alot to share with you, but never any time to get online to do it!  Fortunately, today, my sister is here to keep an eye and ear on Dad so that I can get some things done.
Cross your fingers that I will be able to work on more posts!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Let me know what you think about my photo to canvas!


  1. Very cool ~ Such a nice tribute to Mom and Dad, capturing both their smiles on canvas. What an admirable job for you to care for your Dad at home. Take care of yourself too, so you don't burn out.

  2. Wow what a fantastic idea, a great memory to enjoy for years to come. Love those smiles, it says it all.
    Hope he feels better soon. I know its hard but you need to take care of yourself too, I'm so happy you have a caregiver to help you out. Your dad knows how much you girls & your family loves him. Say hello to your sister Cheryl for me. Hugs to you all!

  3. Great photo of mom and dad! Your photo is really special because it captures so much and speaks volumes, more than a studio type posed photo could ever do. Great idea to do it on canvas, looks wonderful!
    Take care of yourself, Teri! Spend whatever time you need to be with your dad, you will never regret it. And spend time for yourself to relax and rest. No worries, your blog will always be here and we'll be here for you when you're ready.

  4. Oh Teri! That is such a wonderful portrait of your mom and dad together! Just the way you want to remember them and how much they luv the garden! :) Hang in there . . . miss ya!


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