Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Silly Cat and bathroom renovation photos

Wow, I can't believe that it's been a while since I posted.  These days, I only have the time and energy to go to work, come home and take care of the yard and meals, and take care of Dad and I am ready to hit the pillow!  Taking care of Dad these days is really consuming most of my time, but I don't mind.  We have gotten into a routine, which is good for the both of us.  I do have a bunch of crafty things I need to get posted and I will do it when time permits.
Today, I felt like sharing a funny video of Mochiko.  I took this video with my phone a couple of days ago, but being the non-technical type of person, couldn't figure out how to share the video because my phone told me that the file was too large.  My niece Jodi figured it out for me, so now I can share the videos! Yay!  Thanks Jodi!!  I can finally share with everyone some silly things Mochi does at random times and most of the time, no one will see it (or believe me).  My cat likes to stand on her hind legs and she uses her paws (no claws) like she's digging...she's trying to open the shower door so she can lick some water. 
Was that funny or what? LOL!
Here are some photos of the finished renovated bathroom.  It's so hard to keep things neat when you live with all men.  I really could use an all female know it would be decorated with pink!

The bathroom looks way larger than it was before the renovation.  We are loving it, especially making it so easy for me to help Dad with his shower.
Thanks for stopping in today.  I will work on posting more crafty photos,,,I still have to share my July CATS from Enjoli!
Have a great Friday everyone!  It's Statehood Day in Hawaii and a day off for me!


  1. I loved the video of Mochiko trying to get into the shower. Your new bathroom is beautiful! Now put the girly bathroom on your wish list...good luck! My home wish list will never happen (well maybe 1 or 2 things) but at least it makes me feel good!!! Lol! Does that make sense?

  2. THe video of Mochiko is great. I like your new shower etc. I could have done with that when I was looking after my brother, it can be hard going and demanding caring for people, he passed away in Oct last year so we are rearrange the house etc so it is good just being my husband and myself again, although I haven't found the time to do any craft etc. You did send me some candy when my computer crashed a few years ago and I lost everything I had every saved but after that my crafting came to a stand still with looking after my brother etc, and doing my volunteer work with Mental Health Consumers etc. I was very grateful for your gifts and the chocolates, I did email you some time later. I will be thinging of you as you care for your dad, family is everything even though it can become a struggle. Take time for your self though and look after yourself well. Kindest regards Dell

  3. I can never get enough of Mochiko. She's just too cute for words. Your newly renovated bathroom is fabulous. It sure makes it much easier for you and Dad now. If it wasn't for you, the bathroom would be a disaster zone. You keep it clean, pretty and smelling good. You could still decorate it in pink. I bet the men won't even notice. I know how exhausting it is for you, Teri. Work never ends for you. Take care and big hugs.

  4. What great pictures of your new bathroom. The pictures definitely doesn't totally show how awesome your bathroom is. Getting to see it on Monday in person is way better than seeing it in pictures. :) What a cute video of your cat. My kids love her. Your dad is very lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you. May God continue to provide you the strength that you need to take care of your dad, go to work, etc. and even some extra strength and time to do some crafting and blogging. Big hugs!

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