Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Graduation Cloud for Jen

Hello world!  It's been like forever since I've been on my blog and pretty much on the computer at home.  Lack of time or exhausted is about all I can say to describe as the reason.  Just wanted to "check in" so you all know I'm still alive here. 
The other week, my niece, Jen, graduated from Kailua High School.  Congrats Jen!  Better yet, she worked her tail off and was one of the 7 valedictorians too! whoo hoo!  Jen asked me to make her sign for after the graduation ceremony and she requested a cloud with stars.  Here is what I came up with.
Here's a close up of the cloud at home.  I used foam board (I made 2, back and front) and I used thin fun foam for the stars.  I attached the stars using earring hoop findings which was perfect for the stars to swing as the sign moves.  I used my retired SU cloud template to sponge on a fluffy cloud effect on the cloud itself, of course, this photo shows does no justice to the actual cloud.  I also added some rhinestone flourishes on the side of her name.  I cut out her name using my cricut machine.
Life has been crazy as ever.  I am so exhausted at the end of each day that I have no energy to sit at the computer to post.  I am kind of forcing myself to do this before the project gets old.  LOL! 
Dad has been enjoying daycare (well, sort of) but we had another emergency incident last week with the wound to his head.  It somehow developed a blot clot that was growing out of the gash on his head and it burst over night.  When I woke up to check on him, he was covered in blood.  It was so scary because I thought he fell again.  It was that clot (size of a blueberry) that had burst and blood trickled out of it for some time.  Good thing Eric took him to the ER to get it stitched up.  They said it was a pretty major artery, I guess that explained why we couldn't stop the bleeding.  No rest for the weary (me). 
I miss my crafting and all of my gatherings with my friends and downline.  I am really trying to see if I can work on some holiday stuff (yes, you read right, holiday stuff!).  Cross your fingers that I am successful in creating so that we can have a small class of some sort.
Gotta hit the pillow, it's late and I have another full day tomorrow.  Stitches come off of Dad's head, yay!  Hugs to you all!


  1. awesome job on the cloud! love how it turned out. glad to see that you are still kickin' it! lol! hopefully we can get together soon. man, when life gets in the takes over! haha! have a good night. I am winding down from a game...I must be crazy!

  2. Awesome cloud, you did an amazing job & I love the star movement on the bottom...that was a great idea!!! Your a fabulous auntie! Congrats to your niece Jen, being valedictorian is quite an accomplishment!

    Give your dad a Big Hug for me & I hope he heals fast. Take care of yourself too Teri. Sending you Big Hugs & Kisses my friend!

  3. Congratulations, Teri, on your niece being one of Kailua High's valedictorian. Your family must be so proud of her. Hope your dad feels better after the stitches come out. Take care.

  4. I love your cloud and stars sign Teri! Your niece must have absolutely loved it! I know how difficult it can be to be a caregiver of a family member! Remember to try and steal some time for yourself so you don't burn out!!

  5. You and your family must be so proud of your niece for graduating as one of the valedictorians. That is truly an awesome accomplishment. I love the cloud that you made for her. I am sure she does too. I am so sorry about what happened to your dad. I will continue to pray for his healing and strength of for you to take care of him and to do what is on your plate. Big hugs!

  6. Hi Teri! Congrats to your niece! You're such an awesome aunt to make her a great name cloud. Love the dangling stars!

    Take good care of yourself and your Dad. So glad he's on the mend. Have a relaxing weekend!

  7. Hey T - this is such an awesome sign! Hmm, you better start thinking of Nolan's sign ... Glad to hear Dad is mending and that the stitches are already coming out. Take care of yourself and let me know when you wanna get together again, k? xoxo, Elle

  8. Congrats to your niece! Awesome job on her education and for you for hanging tough with all that's been thrown at ya! Take care!
    Big HUGS!


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