Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Feline Visit and some silly cat photos

We had a family dinner over the Easter weekend (gosh, I'm still on Easter!) and my niece who works at an animal clinic was asked to baby sit a cute little kitten owned by one of her co-workers.   Guess who was soooooo jealous???  I didn't think that Mochiko was going to be so upset, but she was.  I've never heard her make those crying sounds before, not that she had any reason to, but it was scary.  Not only because this cute little kitty was getting all of the attention, but she didn't like the idea of her sitting in her box and my craft table.  Oh-oh! big trouble for us!  We haven't had a kitten for years.  We adopted Mochiko from the Hawaiian Humane Society when she was about a year old.  I missed seeing kittens eat and fall asleep in the middle of eating.  This kitty was fast asleep, hanging out of her basket.
Here is Jen with kitty.
Love the blue eyes.
After the kitty went home, I had to clean and disinfect everything!  It took a while for the Queen to finally calm down.  She seems relaxed here on my cutting board.  I think she decided to rub her body all over my table as part of claiming back her territory!
 Aaahhhhhh, this is MY table!
"Don't ever let another cat into my house again!"
Sorry no crafty post today.  I will be sharing more crafty projects soon!  Thanks for stopping by today and seeing my silly cat photos!


  1. Thanks for sharing your Michiko tales. I guess she was not in a mood for company (at least that kind of company :). Anyway, I love hearing about Michiko.

  2. Hi Teri!

    Love the kitty stories! I have 3 and boy do they still get jealous of each other!

    I always have a soft spot for kittens, too. I heard onthis mornin's news that Animal Planet is making a new show just for that, I think it's going to be called "So cute" It's going to follow the first 8 weeks of's really cute!

    You and Mochiko have a great week!

  3. I think Ms. Mochiko should have her very own blog. She's just too cute and funny for words.

  4. Mochiko! what a "J" you are! but I understand. that is your house! lol! love the kitty. saw it on FB on Jen's post. so cute! hope you have a good week.

  5. Ha! Ha! Ha!!! So cute and Mochiko to get jealous.... tell her, no worry - u still the Princess of the House! Adorable pics! Have a great hump day, sister!


  6. Love the pictures of Mochiko and of the kitten that came to visit. It's funny that your cat was jealous of the kitten.

  7. This kittie looks so much like my daughter Jessica's cat Millie when she was just a kittie...sooooo cute! Poor Mochiko felt so jealous, I'm sure she got lots of luvin' after the kittie left! I laughed so hard at the pics of her claiming back her territory, too funny!

  8. That is so funny Teri! Mochiko must have been tramautized . . . she knows who's boss and that her Mama luvs her! :)

    Hope all is well with your Dad.

  9. So cuuuuute!! And yes, cats can be jealous. When we first brought home Mittens, I thought Kit and Jax might kill her when we weren't looking! But now she is the boss of the house - how about that? Lol.

  10. such cute pictures! i'm still working on getting phil to give in to getting me another kitty. but then again, i wonder how our cat would be around another kitty... maybe like mochiko? lol! i guess we'll just have to wait and see when that time comes!


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