Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's Make Some Angry Birds

Happy Monday!  Hope you all had a relaxing weekend.  We had a super busy weekend celebrating Dad's birthday with some family and friends.  I'll be sharing some photos from that during the week.  I wanted to share my little tutorial on how I made my Angry Bird.
Here's what the finished bird looks like.
Here are the punched pieces that I used.  Punches that I used are: triple heart punch (beak), 5 petal flower punch (head feathers), 1/2" circle punch (eyes), 1/4" circle punch (eyes), Marvy circle punch (pink punch for head - I punched a red and a vanilla circle). The eyebrows are cut by hand using scraps of my 3M self adhesive paper (on sale this month at Fisher for only $3.95/pack!  I already stocked up LOL!)
 For the white section on the face, I punched a circle and then put it back in the punch to shape it like this:
Here's how I put it back in the punch
 Here is the top beak.  I folded the heart as shown and then trimmed off the sides

 For the bottom of the beak, I cut off the 2 bumps of the heart as shown.  These two pieces make the beak.
Here is the bird being assembled.
Here is the bottom beak being attached.
Add the eyes and the eyebrows and that's it!  Easy right?  If you are a Angry Birds fan, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Have a great week everyone and thanks so much for stopping by today!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Angry Birds for Hailey

When my GF Jan told me that her daughter Hailey wanted an Angry Bird's party and was looking for invitations, I didn't think I could pull it off again.  After I made the first Angry Birds card, I made only one more bird for my sister.  I thought I was done :)  I had to put on my creative hat to think, think, think of how I was going to make these invitations.  The good news was that I only had to make five (5)  Here's what I came up with.
I really think that this round, the birds turned out cleaner and nicer.  What do you think??
I decided to use the origami fold card.  I'm surprised I still remembered how to fold them!
I cut out the word PARTY using my Frankie lower quickutz (my favorite one!) and adhered them to a strip of acetate.  The acetate was adhered only on the left side to allow the card to be opened. 
Hailey girl, I hope you liked your party invitations!  I really had fun making them.  Thanks to all of you for spending a little time of your day here on my blog.  I haven't found too much extra time yet to check out your blogs and projects.  I am so wanting some free time to do this!  Hope I can find the time soon.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 91 Dad!

Hello Friends! It's been pretty hectic here trying to get everything set so Dad can go to day care.  We finally got him set and he has started going to day care.  I can't tell if he's enjoying it or not because the answers he gives when he comes home vary.  The answers change every 5 minutes!  Oh well, I guess he must be enjoying himself otherwise, he would make excuses to not go.  Anyway, today we celebrated Dad's 91st birthday, Happy Birthday Dad!  We had chinese food for dinner and of course the ice cream cake!  Here are a bunch of photos from Dad's special day.

Who doesn't love ice cream cake?
I think someone enjoyed his cake by the look on his face!

Thanks for stopping by for a look.  I'll be posting some fun Angry Birds party invitations in the next day or so.  By the way, sending thanks to all of you who have left me comments.  It is truly encouraging me to still post when I have time.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things so that "maybe" I can do a class soon.  I miss everyone and the crafting too.  I just gotta get into a routine and maybe figure out how to not be so exhausted!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Feline Visit and some silly cat photos

We had a family dinner over the Easter weekend (gosh, I'm still on Easter!) and my niece who works at an animal clinic was asked to baby sit a cute little kitten owned by one of her co-workers.   Guess who was soooooo jealous???  I didn't think that Mochiko was going to be so upset, but she was.  I've never heard her make those crying sounds before, not that she had any reason to, but it was scary.  Not only because this cute little kitty was getting all of the attention, but she didn't like the idea of her sitting in her box and my craft table.  Oh-oh! big trouble for us!  We haven't had a kitten for years.  We adopted Mochiko from the Hawaiian Humane Society when she was about a year old.  I missed seeing kittens eat and fall asleep in the middle of eating.  This kitty was fast asleep, hanging out of her basket.
Here is Jen with kitty.
Love the blue eyes.
After the kitty went home, I had to clean and disinfect everything!  It took a while for the Queen to finally calm down.  She seems relaxed here on my cutting board.  I think she decided to rub her body all over my table as part of claiming back her territory!
 Aaahhhhhh, this is MY table!
"Don't ever let another cat into my house again!"
Sorry no crafty post today.  I will be sharing more crafty projects soon!  Thanks for stopping by today and seeing my silly cat photos!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sharing Easter projects, so late!

It's been a hectic end of last week and weekend.  Last Friday, at about 1:00 AM, my Dad fell and hit his head on the frame of the closet as he was getting back to his bed from going to the bathroom.  I was out cold and didn't hear anything.  It's a good thing my son heard the loud bang and ran into the room to find Dad on the floor bleeding profusely.  Head injuries bleed a lot and it's worse when you are on blood thinner, which Dad is on.  It's a good thing my husband took care of stopping the bleeding, which took a good 20 minutes or so and wrapped Dad's head in gauze.  There was blood everywhere.  I was a nervous wreck!  My BIL drove us to the emergency and Dad took 2 CATscans to check his head, neck and spine.  Thank goodness there was no injury to those areas!  The ER doctor closed his wound with 7 staples, ouch!  Dad is resting as comfortably as he can.  We've been trying to soothe his sore neck and back with warm compresses and tylenol.  Poor guy.  I've been exhausted from sleeping on the couch listening for him when he has to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.  Call me paranoid, but I can't help it.  I learned a good tip from one of the nurses at the ER.  Taking out blood stains using half peroxide and half water really works!  It took a few bottles of peroxide to clean up the rug and floor, but it's pretty clean now.  I was going to post a photo of his wound, but decided against it after just in case you feel queasy from seeing it (although it wasn't that gross).  I can only be thankful that he did not suffer any broken bones or neck/brain injuries.
Anyway, besides all of that going on, I meant to post these Easter treats over the weekend but just ran out of time.  I struggled to make these treats for the Kaiser pharmacy girls and for the credit union staff.  Can you believe that I even started one month before Easter was here, but many unproductive nights led to my usual rushing right before the holiday - Gee,  I was trying to avoid the stress!  Anyway, I made a bunch of carrots using this triangle box big shot pro die.  I borrowed this one from my bus partner, Cece.  I decorated it using a cute bunny image and punches.
The dilemma was how to decorate the top of the carrot.  I've seen many variations to the carrot, but I needed something really easy and simple.  I ended up using a sizzix daisy die and I fastened it to the lid of the box using a rhinestone brad by SU.  Worked perfect for me!  What do you think?
Here's a close up of the cute bunny.
I made a bunch of bunny baskets using another big shot pro die (gotta use that machine!) and the Blossom Petals Punch by SU.  I saw this creation online, I'm sorry that I forgot who's idea it was since it was so long ago. 
 Here's a view of the whole basket.  The "lettuce" was made by stamping one of the petals from the Build a Blossom stamp set and punching it out with the blossom petals punch.  I love it!
Here's a side view so you can see the basket better.  I attached the handle with rhinestone brads again (by SU).  They seem simple enough to make except I had to made 15 of them!
Thanks for your visit today.  It sure makes me smile to see so many of you still want to come to my blog to visit with the little posts I get to do.  I am trying to find some time to go to my reader to check out what you all have been up to as well.  I just seem to be a little behind in everything so please excuse me.   See you back here soon!

Summer Mini Catalog is here!

Happy Monday!  Can you believe that it's the month of May already?? So many things going on for me here, but I wanted to let you all know that the new Summer Mini Catalog is in full swing!  You can go online to view the catalog to see all of the new and so exciting products that are in this 28 page catalog.  I've been behind in my catalog ordering, so if you are not yet on my mailing list and did not receive a mini catalog, send me an email and I will send you one as soon as I get my shipment of catties in.  For those of you who are on my mailing list, you should have already received your catalog.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or if you would like to place an order.  You can order online with me 24/7 at my SU website 
I can't wait to receive my order so that I can play with the new products!  Thanks for stopping by today!