Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Posts in one week! Another card and more garden photos

Can you believe that I'm back with another post this week? Thank goodness for pre-posting!  Here is another card that I made a couple of weeks ago.  Like I said it's been a struggle to create anything lately.  I'm happy with the way this card turned out after adding the flower to it.
Here is the inside of the card.  I love this set called You're a Gem.  Cute sentiments in this set.  This set is in the Occasions Mini Catalog.  Products in this catalog are available through the end of this month!
 Here are more photos of our yard.   A long time ago, our yard used to be a plant nursery.  I spent my childhood counting orchids for flower leis and going with Mom to deliver cut flowers and plants to florists and even the airport lei stands.  Something that I never appreciated when I was young.  I can appreciate now that my parents did this to earn extra money to support us.  This photo is of the new seedlings that Dad and I planted in the back yard.  He wanted so badly to plant manoa lettuce, shanghai cabbage and merigold flowers.  They are doing pretty good and soon we will be transplanting them to foam coffee cups.
The following photos are just to show you how huge our yard is.  That's why it's taking me like forever to clean up.  Anyone want to come over to clean?  (Just kidding)
I was able to clean up the Anthurium house, finally.  I'm excited for the flowers to get healthy and start blooming again.  Having flowers from our back yard to take to Mom will definately save some money.
This poor greenhouse was FULL of weeds and wild ferns growing on the ground.  I yanked out soooo many weeds it was unbelievable.  I think the plants are smiling now that they can breathe.
Here is another area of the yard.  Once upon a time, we had about 100 rose plants in this vacant area.
That's it for today!  Thanks so much for your visit, your comment and your love and support.  It's so hard to stop blogging and crafting when you have so many people who give so much encouragement.  Thank you so much.
On a happy note - I took Dad to check out a senior day care center the other day and he seemed to like the idea.  He was able to chat with a couple of senior ladies there and had a grand time telling them stories.  He looked so alive and happy!  I can't wait to get all the paperwork done so that he can start.
Til next time!  Hopefully I will be able to post in a couple of days.  I want to share more of my yard with you and of course another card!  Hugs to you all!


  1. Loving the card and the colors! Great job as always!

    Your yard looks awesome. Wish I had a green thumb but I don't. So my yard is looking pretty sorry right now...sigh...guess I have to wait till M does something about it or hire landscapers!

    Hope all is well! Take care!

  2. sweet card. did you dye that flower yourself? love the sentiment too. your yard is looking up and your hard work is paying off! yay! well hope goong goong is off to have some fun during the day! sounds like he will! so happy for him! have a good day!

  3. love the card and the garden pictures! so great to hear that your dad loved the senior day care center. already flirting with the ladies, huh? take care teri!

  4. Love that card you made, Teri, and I love all the designs in this Vintage pack! Goshes, I didn't know your backyard and the nursery was thaaaaaatttttt big! Holy cow, that's a lot of work! But you know, gardening can be very therapeutic and it seems to have that effect on you and you've got a huge green thumb! Happy to hear that your Dad enjoyed his visit to the Sr. Day Care center. I know he'll enjoy his hours there!
    Hugs, Cami

  5. The card you made is very pretty. I love the flower. Did you die it? I also like the cute sentiment that you put inside the card. I didn't even realize that the current mini had a sentiment like that in there.

    I was amazed at how big your backyard is when you gave me a tour of it last summer. You probably told me that it was plant nursery, but I just don't remember. I am sure that the leis that you made made were beautiful. You have done a great job in cleaning up your yard.

    I am so glad that your dad had a good time at the Sr. Day care center. I hope that he will continue to enjoy his time there.

    Have a great rest of the week. Big hugs always.

  6. Very pretty card, Teri!! Love how your yard is coming along. Those pretty Pele Hairs are gorjuss!! So happy for pops!! That'll be some relief on ur end.


  7. Your card was so pretty, Teri. Loved it. Wow, your yard is huge and you did such a great job on it. I can tell you put a lot of hard work into it and it will all pay off with beautiful flowers and veggies. It's wonderful to hear Dad is excited about adult care. The socialization will be really good for him.

  8. Glad you got a chance to craft :) loving all the should totally have a garden/craft party? I think thats what they call them. Grab a bunch of friends, garden then craft :) haha...then every one can take home a mini plant and a mini craft project. :) also, awesome for your dad. My DG loves his one, he always has such a great time and made lots of friends!!

  9. wow! nice card! awesome job on your yard too! hey, I got a few workers who can come over. They just need juice/snacks!
    Your dad is too cute! He sure is a lady's man, huh?! Take care!

  10. HI Teri! Hearing about your Dad and the senior center made me smile BIG! I think the socializing will be good for him, and for you. Great job on the nursery and the card! Hugs to you!

  11. Hi Teri,
    Wow, I'm lovin' that card! You are very busy! I've checked your other posts and noticed how busy you are planting and weeding and taking such loving care of the garden and green house.
    Glad your Dad is looking forward to spending time at the senior center.
    Well, keep it up my high-energy girlfriend, you're making me tired. LOL
    TFS & hugs.

  12. beautiful card, Teri!! and wow! you do have a huge yard! thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend! =)

  13. Hey T ~ Beautiful card and glad to see your garden coming along! Hope you got all the paperwork done so Dad will be able to spend some time at the senior center. I'm so happy for both of you! Take care. xoxo, Elle


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