Monday, March 7, 2011

The Rest of the Calendar

Hello Friends!  Thank you all so much for your extra love and support that you have shown to me from my last post.  I feel like such a tattle tale talking about my Dad.  I appreciate all of your positive comments and suggestions and I will take them to heart.
Well, here is the rest of that notable 5 1/2" X 6 1/2" digital calendar I created using My Digital Studio by SU.  It's basically a drag and drop kind of deal with the option of changing the background papers and adding embellishments if you choose to.  Otherwise, drag and drop your photos in and you are good to go.  I included one of the calendar pages so you know what it looks like (this is for you Joy!)  You can add little symbols on the calendar to mark your calendars for birthdays or special days.

It's nice to have a page with multiple spaces for more than one photo.

Thanks for peeking in and for looking at my crazy kitty photos.  I really believe that she loves to be photographed and we have literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos of her.
I really want to have some kind of session to show you how to use this digital program, so I will figure out how to do this and will report back at that time.  These calendars make great gifts too!  I'm hoping to send this to get this printed soon so I can use it before the year is up! 
 Thanks to those who signed up for the upcoming classes this weekend.  I have a couple more kits left if anyone is interested.  Send me an email to reserve your kit!


  1. what a ham that Mochiko! love the pics you took! she must feel the love! hope you are having a good day! I'll be stopping by J's today after work, so if you need anything, let me know!

  2. Love what you did with your digital program, you've inspired me to start learning mine. Your pictures of Mochiko are so beautiful, perfect shots of her! I've been there where you are with your dad and I know how hard it can be. Take care of yourself too, Teri and know that it's ok to ask for help.

  3. aww such a cute calendar! can't wait til i get my own cat!

  4. Loved the sweet pictures of Mochiko. She is so photogenic. You did such a great job on the catendar, Teri.


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