Friday, March 4, 2011

Desk top calendar

Did you all have a nice Girl's Day?  I didn't do anything special.  It's Friday! almost the weekend.  I can't believe that after March, our furlough Fridays will be no more.  I kind of got used to some four day work weeks!  But getting the pay back to normal sounds pretty good too!
Today, I'm sharing a cute project with you.  I'm having so much fun creating with My Digital Studio!  I finally found out how to use my Notable Desk Top calendar digital stuff that I bought and downloaded, or at least I thought I downloaded and was good to go.  I was getting a bit frustrated that I couldn't find it anywhere in My Digital Studio so I had to call SU's customer service.  What I was doing wrong was not installing it after downloading it - what a big DUH! for me.  Now that it's installed, I couldn't wait to play with it.  This calendar size is 5 1/2" X 6 1/2" and I couldn't wait to create a desk calendar of my favorite feline!  What a perfect subject since I have hundred's of photos of my fur baby.
Here is the front cover and the month of March.  I love how it's super easy to just drop the photos into the calendar.  I changed the DSP on this front cover and used the Celebrate DSP, so cheery!  Don't you love this mug shot?  I disturbed her while she was napping on Grandpa's bed...
 I didn't change the background paper on this page, so this is the design that comes in the Notable Desk calendar digital kit.  Cats love to sleep and Mochiko is no exception!
I'll be sharing more calendar pages soon.  I'm trying to get back on track in my posting, but lately, I've been exhausted with just daily life stuff that I have no energy to do anything!  It kind of bums me out that I can't even find any energy to create anything, even simple stuff and posting is so out of the question at that point, ha!  Sorry to be rambling about the happenings in my life, I'm not complaining, but just trying to share with you why the lack of posts and sharing lately.  Do you ever feel that way?  Part of why I feel this way is because my Dad is needing more assistance in the every day things and I want to be there for him.  It's so sad to watch parents grow old and rely on you to do even the simple things.  But it must be so frustrating for them to not be able to remember things, so frustrated that sometimes say things that hurt your feelings and being the sensitive person that I am, it sort of takes a toll on me ya know?  Okay friends, thanks for letting me vent a little about my sweet dear Dad.  He really is a sweetheart, and I know he is so frustrated that he has to depend on me so much.  Love you Dad! I really do...
I want to thank you, my friends, for all of your love and support.  I really do get by with a little help from my friends.  Hope to be back soon to share more calendar pages and hopefully, I'll find some creativity just waiting to come to my craft table! LOL!


  1. Hope you get some relief on weekends from your family so you don't burn out either. I've learned that you won't be able to help others if you're not well yourself, so don't worry about posting regularly. I'm amazed you are able to do what you do.

  2. Hear ya on the whole life's responsibilities taking over. I keep crashing at around eight PM each night since Avery still keeps getting up several times a night!

    There's that crazy cat! He looks awesome on your clean and simple digi pages. Does he know what a media sensation he is?

  3. Oh big hugs Teri, I know how life can get at times! I'm taking a blogging break myself, to many other things going on here too. :) I love your sweet pages! Take care! ~hugs

  4. I can so relate to what you are going through with your Dad, Teri. He is truly blessed to have such a loving and caring daughter as you. Please take care of yourself, too. I love your blog and Mochiko. I know she is a great comfort to you. Hugs.

  5. Teri, I know what you are going through, grandpa is a sweetheart and I miss you both!! I am just getting over the flu and hope to have more time so we can come over. If there's anything you need you know that you can always count on us!! Take care and don't worry about posting! LOL!!
    Big Hugs

  6. these are so cute...esp. with your cat! hope you have a great weekend! Take care of yourself!

  7. Hi Teri! Awww your cat is just too cute. Great calendar. You just got to do what's best for your family and yourself. Just take it easy. Take care!

  8. Take care of yourself, Teri.
    This is cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Hi Teri;
    Family responsibilities can be huge sometimes, but we cherish them, not knowing what lies ahead. I still miss my Mom; transitioned 2 years ago.
    I've been contemplating that digi studio! I love how you did the calendar pages, very adorable.
    I finally figured out that I needed to follow you on this blog by clicking the "follow" button. I was following you on your old blog, then clicking the "click here" to get to your new blog. Duh.
    Take care of yourself. Hugs to you.

  10. cute! so where's the calendar part? I wish I didn't purchase this now as it's too confusing. I just wanted a simple calendar to print for my desk top and not big calendars. cute pics of Mochiko though! love how she eats it up! hope you had a good weekend! see you soon!

  11. Oh, Teri you deserve a big hug for being such a loving and caring daughter and being so patient with your dad. Your dad is so fortunate to have someone like you to look after him.
    Love how your Mochiko calendar turned cute! I've been wanting to make one of my Latte too, but was afraid others would think I was "mento"!lol!


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