Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mochiko's 5 minutes of fame

okay, maybe more like 10 or 15 minutes?  Just wanted to share some shots of her that I collected in my photo files over the last month.  We take tons of photos of this spoiled kitty, but she really does her job, being cute!

She loves to sleep in Dad's room.  We say that she just lets him sleep there night time!
These last photos is a series I took while wrapping gifts.  She just had to sit in this skinny box.  I had to take shots of her at all angles.  Cats are so silly, always wanting to squeeze in these tight spots.  I think they must feel secure.  I think she is just oozing out of the box!  Too funny!

Thanks for letting Mochiko have her minutes of fame!  Back to craft posts!


  1. aww...too cute!! esp. in the box! :O makes me want to get a cat even more! but my bf wants a dog more!

  2. Thanks Teri for sharing Mochiko's pictures. One cute cat I tell you! Yes, so silly to be oozing out of that box and glad you got that shot of her! Memories for a lifetime!

  3. Mahalo!

    Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute:)

    Aloha Hugs,

  4. Mochiko is one cruisin' kitty! My FIL's cat used to love the large grocery paper bags and there would always be one on the floor....

  5. OMG - such cute pics!!! She sleeps like Maui! Thanks for sharing!


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